Design apartment Empire

Design – apartment Empire – Ostend

Do you like serenity, cosiness, freedom and shopping? In short “enjoy” in the broadest sense of the word, then you should definitely come to Ostend. 

If you like a romantic weekend or a relaxing holiday at the seaside, you have come to the right address.  Design apartment Empire is a true oasis of serenity, comfort, luxury, cosiness and relaxation.   

Treat yourself to a long weekend, midweek or an entire week in Ostend, the Queen of the seaside resorts.  Rent this cosily decorated and furnished design – corner apartment with side sea view on the fifth floor, equipped with luxury and comfort.   Empire is a stylish new apartment complex only 20 meters from the beach without having to cross the streets (ideal for children).   

Why this design apartment? 

As a big fan of our Flemish coast we frequently looked for luxurious accommodation.  We concluded that it is nearly impossible to find an apartment at a beautiful location with a luxurious finish and design décor.   These type of apartment are present but the owners prefer not to rent them out. This brought us to the conclusion.. why not offer this ourselves?   We found the perfect location and created this attractive apartment with the interior architect from AS44 with design furniture from among others Driade, Petite Friture, De Munk, Mogg, Plust, Dixheuresdix, Air Nova,… As a professional chef I choose an exceptionally equipped kitchen with cupboards covered in leather and a ceramic work surface which fits perfectly in design surroundings.   For the general comfort and unique user experience the apartment is managed by home automation and also the bathrooms and the bedrooms got some extra features.